ORIGINAL GAMES by Wise Guys EventsWGE Vertical (1)
Oktoberfest East Bay is proud to include a game garden produced by Wise Guys Events. Two of the creative minds behind the immunity challenges on SURVIVOR are bringing original games to the festival for you to enjoy. Players ready? Go!
SOKtoberfest – Dot Racing is like Twister on steroids. Up to four people race across ourDot Racing Blur custom 20‘ polka-dotted mat following a random series of calls. Touch a knee, break a connection, or move too slow, and it’s back to the start… though that isn’t always a bad thing.
COKtoberfest – Which came first, the schnitzel or the egg? You’ll settle the matter for Coktoberfest Headweargood in this game of balance and poultry. Be the first to transport your eggs and your birds using only your spoon to win. Did we mention the spoon’s in your mouth? And a ridiculous hat is on your head? Ba-GAWK!

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